Revenant: The Undead King by Rachel R. Smith

I’m a HUGE fan of Rachel R. Smith’s Records of the Ohanzee series. I enjoy the perfect blend of magical moments mixed with adorable, swoony scenes, topped with action-packed pages as well. This series is everything I love about reading a great fantasy story!

rachelrsmithRevenant: The Undead King (Records of the Ohanzee #5) by Rachel R. Smith

When the dead walk among the living, the Revenant will seize the empty throne.

King Casimer has been defeated, and Nerissa has finally cast aside her guise as Caeneus and triumphantly assumed her rightful role as the Blood of Chiyo. But saving her country from disaster isn’t as simple as retaking the throne.

The prophecy warning of events that will bring about the end of civilization has not yet been fulfilled, and an ancient weapon of untold power is about to be rediscovered. The future of Chiyo, and all of Renatus, depends on Nerissa finding it before her enemies do.

All the while, fires rage throughout the capital city, set by the Senka to undermine the stability of Nerissa’s rule, and rumors of Casimer’s inexplicable survival have begun to swirl. Is it a miracle or something more sinister at work?

Revenant: The Undead King is the fifth book of the Records of the Ohanzee series and book 1 of 3 in the Revenant story arc.

Compared to the previous book, this one was a little slower. Which I surprisingly didn’t mind. It begins right where Reflection: Dragon’s Bane left off. Nerissa and the Ohanzee have finally taken back what is rightfully theirs but the only thing missing is.. Their happily ever after.

There are many obstacles that our characters still face. The public is questioning Nerissa’s rule, and the rumors swirling around on how she even survived aren’t helping her win them over. As for me, I was super happy to be reunited with Nerissa! She’s incredibly brave yet never afraid to show her vulnerable side as well. And I love this.

Honestly I was glad to see every character. Raysel and Nerissa still make the perfect team. Charis and Amon are also back (still adorable in EVERY way)! I love how strong friendship and almost a sense of “found family” is present in this series.

“Right now, her life was a swirling hurricane, and while Raysel would fight every gale beside her, Rian was the eye of the storm. He was her center, where all the swirling worries and fears were finally stilled.”

And then there is RIAN. *sigh* He is still by Nerissa’s side (of course) and even if there weren’t too many scenes with them together, or too much romance, what there was.. It was ALL swoony and I could just squish them!

Nerissa has a lot on her plate. From trying to contain fires the Senka are setting to rumors of King Casimer still being alive, and trying to track down the magical weapon from the prophecy.. Girl is stressed! Seeing how Nerissa is dealing with all of her duties sets up the rest of the story arc for the series, though. I enjoyed the slow pace of it all.

Rachel R. Smith made it easy to fall back into this world and reminded me of why I’m rooting for these characters in the first place. Her writing is still fantastic and continues to grow! The descriptions were vivid, and I enjoy the way she is able to blend different POVs together to tell the story.

Overall, Revenant: The Undead King is another fun read in the Records of the Ohanzee series! It’s a slower paced book yet still full of magic and action with a sprinkle of swoon. I’m excited to see what happens next!

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