Kiss and Cry by Mina V. Esguerra

I’m a complete sucker for a good sports read with a sweet romance attached to it. I don’t watch much hockey or know much about the sport, but for some reason I’m constantly drawn to stories that include hockey players. So when I first heard Kiss and Cry featured one, I was ready to dive into this story! Being set in the Philippines was the cherry on top.

kissandcryKiss and Cry (Six 32 Central Book 2) by Mina V. Esguerra

Calinda met Ramirez when she was 20 and he was 22. She was the rising star of women’s skating, and he was the superstar forward of men’s hockey. Her parents and coach were against their relationship, and because Calinda wanted to prove that no hot guy would ever distract her from her dream, she chose skating over him – and also avoided him all together.

Ten years later, they meet again as gold medalists and prominent sports advocates, still single and undeniably attracted to each other. It’s still not a good time for them, because Ramirez is retiring from hockey and moving back to the United States. Calinda doesn’t do relationships, really, and proposes they use his final weeks in Manila to explore what might have been, and do all the things they wish they’d done (there’s a list!). Then he can leave for good, and they can both move on with their lives without this one regret.

“Calinda kissed Ramirez like she was taking something she deserved. He kissed her like he was taking something he needed.”

It was easy for me to fall in love with Calinda and Ramirez. As I witnessed how hard they both work to better the future for other athletes I was drawn into their story. Just to give you a snippet of who they are: Calinda wishes for figure skaters to be better than she ever was and Ramirez helps kids who can’t afford to participate in hockey actually get a chance to play the sport. They were refreshing.

Calinda and Ramirez’s romance started right off the bat. I loved that this was a second-chance romance because it didn’t leave me with would they or wouldn’t they? The electricity in the first chapter alone made me want to scream for these two to be together! So I was happy when they eventually did.

And I have to tell you now. . . The heat in this book is TURNT up! I was happily surprised by this. I’m a huge Mina V. Esguerra fan. Her swoony romances are always perfection, and the high heat level in Kiss and Cry just fit the story well. She continues to grow in her writing and this might be my favorite book from her yet! I can’t wait to see where she continues from here.

“It was like she won something, maybe proved to herself that she was worth this hug, this love, this kindness.”

As they navigate their way through their new, shared life they begin to discover themselves and what they want from their own future. I enjoyed everything about this book. The plot, sports, all of the characters, and of course, the romance. If you’re looking for a fun sports romance then Kiss and Cry is for you! Highly recommend.



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