When I opened my Etsy shop last September I always had a wish to eventually add stickers to my inventory.

I was already brainstorming all the cute quotes and doodles I could make into a sticker. It was very exciting! I even started my own sticker collection. I spent hours browsing for cute stickers to add to my laptop and I instantly fell in love with all the cute cartoon illustrations that I found of my favorite things.

A mix of being inspired by other’s stickers and diving deeper into reading more webtoons and picking manga back up.. it was safe to say that my love for illustration and digital drawing grew at the end of 2020. One of my goals for this new year is to start my own webtoon, too. It’s like illustrating was calling to me and it was time I answered. Which is crazy because I never thought I’d be on this road to honing my illustration skills? Ever since I was young I have never been great at drawing people whether it be cartoonish or realistic. It just wasn’t for me.

But I’ve spent the past two months pouring my heart into learning new techniques and sharpening my skills. I can’t believe how much I have grown since I first tried cartoon drawing Jackson Wang mid 2020 and then trying again to draw Hoshi and Minghao from Seventeen late 2020. Looking at my illustrations from January and February I see so many differences and new skills that I have learned.. I’m so proud of myself! *cries happily*

I hope you can see how much hard work and late nights I’ve put into my illustrations, too.. and hopefully you look forward to me adding more stickers to my Etsy shop this year!

My first try at cartoon drawing back in mid 2020! Ahh!
My first digital drawing of 2021! Can you see all the differences?!
Comparing my cartoon of Jackson to Mark is INSANE! I was super proud of this one.
I didn’t think I could do better than my Mark Tuan drawing but then I made this.. And I just *LOVE* it!

Which illustration is your favorite of mine? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Thanks for stopping by.

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